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Drama Club

Calling all St. Mark thespians!  Are you interested in letting loose your inner dramatic side?  Consider auditioning for Saint Mark's annual spring performance!  Whether it be a play, musical, or Shakespearian performance, we give you a chance to audition in the early winter after the holiday break.  Keep you eye out for more information on upcoming performances.  Our Stage Crew is open to students that are interested in helping behind the scenes as well.

Classroom of Champions


St. Mark students, selected from grades 7 and 8, regularly participate in Classroom of Champions hosted by St. Eds and Brain Brawl hosted by St. Ignatius.  Questions are drawn from the fields of history, geography, literature, math, science, religion, sports, popular culture, current events and general knowledge on the junior high level.  Reaction time is as important as subject-matter knowledge!

Rosary Club


Come join fellow St. Mark students in prayer. The Rosary club is open to students in 1st-8th grade who are interested in praying the rosary. Our club will pray together once a month in the church after school. Students will learn and pray the different mysteries of the rosary. Students will also have the opportunity to lead the rosary. 

Looking forward to meditating on the life of Jesus through the rosary.

Student Council

Student Council is a faith-based organization that provides students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 with the opportunities to develop their leadership abilities.  Backed by parent support, it challenges students to develop relationships and partnerships between the school and community.  Using their skills and talents, student council members are empowered as the active-voice representing the student body.



WSMS is the St. Mark School intra-broadcasting station.  Our reporters and videographers report the morning news to all of our classrooms, as well as create and produce special videos, commercials and projects.  All classrooms and students throughout the year have an opportunity to see themselves on T.V. through songs, skits and interviews.  What a great way to see what is going on in our school as well as our parish community.  WSMS is open to eighth graders, as well as 7th graders and 6th graders as the year goes on.

Guitar Club

Guitar Club is a musical group for grades 4-8. Students learn to play acoustic or electric guitar and begin playing chords and melodies together.


A variety of musical genres are explored and students enjoy choosing some songs to sing and play together. Students begin reading TAB and chords and work together to learn new music.

First Floor Mission Club

The third and fourth grade students are invited to join the St. Mark Mission Club.  The Saint Mark Mission Club offers the students the opportunity to experience ways to care and pray for others in our community and around the world.  The children engage in prayer experiences, service projects, and guest speakers have been invited to address the children as well.


Mission Club will usually meet twice a month during the lunch recess or enrichment period.  There will also be additional meetings scheduled occasionally to accommodate special projects.  We look forward to our service projects this year.


Learning to play an instrument is a tremendous joy!  It is as much about learning the skills of discipline and reliability as it is about having fun.  Together with the accountability of the ensemble, you will practice your instrument and build your skills as an ensemble member.  The skills you learn as an ensemble member reach far beyond the music classroom because you learn to become a responsible member of a community.

Each Wednesday, sectionals are held during class for 4th-8th grade instrumentalists.

Art Club

We are excited to invite students to join the Art Club!  The students will enhance their growth as young artists and continue to develop skills and techniques in art.  The students will be able to create with their imaginations, work individually on projects, discuss art, collaborate on group projects, and do service for others with the power of art.

Physical Fitness Club


Have you wanted to increase your strength, endurance, and stamina for a sport or for your own personal fitness?  Physical fitness improves brain health!  In fitness club, you will improve your fitness levels through various cardiovascular exercises and weight training while improving your flexibility through proper stretching techniques.  Better your overall health with the addition of routine physical exercise!  With a gain in higher energy levels and muscle growth, your personal fitness levels will improve throughout the course of the Physical Fitness Club for grades 6-8. 


We look forward to helping you build your physical fitness with us!  We will meet every other Monday in the Pavilion from 3:00-3:30pm starting October 2nd.  Do you want to boost your fitness levels in a team setting?  Challenge your fitness potential with us! 


Book Club

Book club is a way to get together with friends to share and discuss books we are reading.  This club is open to students in grades seven and eight.  Members pick the books and lead discussions.  We plan to read many different interesting genres and explore some new authors.  Members meet twice a month during the lunch/recess period in room 15.

Safety Patrol


Do you enjoy helping others while promoting a safe environment? Are you a natural leader? Safety Patrol is looking for you! As a 6th Grade ONLY opportunity, students will guide other students before and after school at the crosswalks near school to ensure safe crossing for the student body. Students in Safety Patrol work outside and assist many students in all grade levels! This is a year-round opportunity! Ready to serve others? Safety Patrol meets daily!

Altar Servers/

Altar Serving is one-way students can give service to the church and enrich the worship experience.  Servers assist Fr. Adam in the sanctuary during our weekday and weekend masses.  Serving is open to boys and girls in grades 6,7, and 8. Students can generally enroll during October and will then begin training.  Also, open to the students of grades 6, 7, and 8 is to be a lector at mass proclaiming the reading, the Psalm and the Prayers of the Faithful. The lector must have deep respect for God's presence in that Word.

Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship club is open to students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  Through the AlphaJump! Cleveland program, in partnership with St.Ignatius and St.Joseph Academy, students will learn how to create and market their business ideas.  In the spring, students will present their ideas to a St.Mark community panel and may even advance to a competition among other local teams and schools for a chance to win a cash prize.  The Entrepreneurship club will meet during lunch and recess once a week.

Chess Club is open to all 5th – 8th graders.  Meetings will take place during lunch and recess once a week.  Participants will learn how the pieces move, the rules of the game, strategies for success, how to checkmate, and some lessons about admirable sportsmanship.

Liturgical Choir


The Liturgical Choir leads and supports the singing for School Masses. All students in grades three through eight have the opportunity to develop and share their musical talents with the Church. All choir members also attend weekly Monday rehearsals where they learn songs for upcoming liturgies, meet new friends, and learn the structure of the Mass.




Chess Club





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