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Bishop Hoban chartered St. Mark Parish on June 14, 1945 and appointed Reverend James Downie as founding pastor.  Three years later on July 25, 1948, ground was broken for a church/school building and completed in the summer of 1949.  On August 16th of that year, four sisters, Servants of The Immaculate Heart of Mary, from Monroe, Michigan arrived by train and were eagerly greeted as educators and leaders for the school.  St. Mark School opened its door to 221 students on Monday, September 12, 1949.


Today, St. Mark Catholic School invites students from Preschool to Eighth grade.  As a school, we minister with parents in the formation and education of our school children. We are committed to providing the best education for each child. It is our goal to lead each student to a deeper sense of self-reflection, self-reliance, and responsibility by recognizing the individual gifts and talents each student possesses. Students are encouraged to discover their own unique contributions to society as faith-filled, responsible citizens.


We believe each student is a child of God.  Our purpose is to educate the whole child following the examples of Christ and the Gospel Values.  Instruction is developed for each individual child with uncompromisingly high standards and varied learning tasks to help each child reach the highest potential.  Curriculum serves as a guiding tool to meet individual needs for intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and cultural growth.  Assessment is varied and developed for individual learning styles.  Continuous improvement is achieved through interaction and mentoring by peers, administration, families, and support personnel providing for the education of the individual child.  Community-building, service, and faith formation are integral elements of our daily lessons and our overall dedication to the children in our classrooms.  God is present in our school.

Mission Statement

St. Mark Catholic School nurtures Faith, inspires Academic Excellence, and instills Hope for the Future.

Belief Statement

We believe the purpose of St. Mark School, in partnership with parents as primary educators, is to:
•Foster an environment of learning in which each child can mature spiritually and progress intellectually
•Provide an ongoing instructional program which meets the needs of individual students
•Model and promote service and leadership

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