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Principal's Corner

    We had some famous Ohioans visit us again this year! Our 4th Graders each researched a famous person from Ohio and then delivered in costumes 1st person biographies of their lives. Here are a few fun facts:
Morgan S.- Maya Lin is famous for designing the Vietnam Veteran Memorial.
Colin F.- Thomas Edison is famous for making over 1,000 inventions!
Andrew G.- Eddie Rickenbacher saved his crew when they crashed in the Pacific.
Hank M.- Dave Thomas founded Wendy’s.
Devon R.- John Glenn showed his service by orbiting the Earth as an astronaut and was a U.S. Senator.
Carter R.- James Lovell Jr. was the spacecraft commander of Apollo 13.
Sarah H.- Josephine Cochrane made the first dishwasher. (I appreciate that!)
Tess N.- Judy Resnick was the second woman in space. She died from an explosion on the space rocket Challenger after liftoff.
Patrick S.- Bob Feller was a famous pitcher who put his career aside to join the military in WWII.
Brianna K.- Annie Oakley was a sharpshooter in wild west shows.
Joseph B.- Bob Hope won 1500 awards in his lifetime.
Zach C.- John Rockefeller donated to many charities because of his wealth.
John Paul G.- Steven Spielberg started making movies as a child
Alex K.- Neil Armstrong was the first man on the Moon.
The 4th Graders all delivered both interesting and excellent presentations.
     Since we celebrate our Blessed Mother throughout the month of May, we had a May crowning this month. The entire student body was present as our 2nd Graders , dressed in their First Communion attire, processed in with flowers for our Mary shrine. Three of our 8th Grade girls crowned the Blessed Mother and collected the flowers from our 2nd Graders. Since the weather cooperated for a brief time, we were able to go outside to crown the statue of the Blessed Mother. Many classrooms stopped into Church to pray the Rosary throughout the day as a class, as we had prayed the Living Rosary as a school earlier. We are very blessed to practice these wonderful traditions every year.
     Our Spring Concert is always an event I look forward to hearing. This year, our concert featured our Beginning Band who played several pieces including Love Somebody. Our Advanced Band performed a piece from Les Miserable, which was not easy to do! There were solo presentations by Caprice H., Thalia T., Shannon J., and Carolyn E. Our String Ensemble, directed by Mr. Becker-Howell performed two beautiful songs on violin, Prelude Suite and The Oak Tree. Finally, our 5th Grade Choir performed three vocal pieces, which left everyone in amazement! They sounded like angels. A special thanks to Miss Kaiser and Mr. Becker-Howell on jobs well done.
     Congratulations to 2nd Grader Grace C., who filled in for me as Principal for the Day on May 24th. She did an excellent job especially thanking our volunteers, whom we celebrated on that same day. Our volunteers do so much to help us in so many ways, so often behind-the-scenes, very quietly- without anyone knowing. It is both a pleasure and a privilege to work hand-in-hand with them.
     It is time to close for the summer and get some much-needed time off, although I am happy knowing that it will be short-lived. Consider participating in our Run for the Arts, on Saturday, June 2nd beginning at 8:00 A.M. This run benefits all our arts programs at St. Mark. I invite you to join other parishioners in our Corpus Christie procession on Sunday, June 3rd following the 9:00 Mass. Anyone can walk in the procession, and it is great to do so in community. Come and spend some time at our Parish Festival, being held on Sunday, June 24th from 12:00-6:00. It promises to be lots of fun! There will be many exciting games and foods to try.
Finally, take some time to read a good book or two, and I will see you on August 22nd, as we open our doors for yet another school year.

Mrs. Cocita