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Principal's Corner

           Every year, LifeWorks Ohio sponsors a Respect Life Art and Essay Contest. Students are encouraged to take the time to reflect upon God’s precious gift of life. The theme for this 30th year of competition year was, “Whatever you did for the least of my brothers, you did for me (Matthew 25:40). I am very happy to announce that one of our students, Maeve Stanton, was awarded First Place in the 4th Grade Essay division.  Here are excerpts from Maeve’s essay:
“The people of Ennis Court may be the least because they might not be able to walk, speak, or eat like we do. The thing the elderly do contribute to the world is that they share their wisdom and their courage by not worrying about themselves… For my First Communion, instead of asking for things for me, I asked my family and guests to donate books for the elderly. One week later, I delivered the donations to Ennis Court. Before I gave the books to the residents, I chatted and played games with them. Then, after I did that, I went into a room and put the books on a table. When I left, I hoped that I made many people feel that I cared for them and that this improved their days… Human life must be defended at all stages because people of all ages need protection and all lives matter. I believe that it does not matter that we are different. We are all special in God’s eyes.” Congratulations to Maeve and her teachers, Mrs. Barry and Mrs. DeCore.
      In addition, Maeve’s sister, a student in the 7th Grade, has a great deal to celebrate as well! Lilia Stanton competed in the National History Day Competition at the state level back on April 21st. Lilia placed first for her independent performance on the conditions that led to desegregation in our Cleveland schools. During her presentation, she took on different roles, depicting the life of a young African-American girl, a mother, and finally news reporter Judd Hambrick. To do this, she researched and interviewed key people in the desegregation process. One of those she interviewed was Mr. Hardiman, the plaintiff’s attorney in the Reed vs. Rhodes case. This particular case led to desegregation in Cleveland. Lilia also interviewed two other figures, Judge Anita Laster Mays who was bused from her east side school to a west side school, and Mr. Hamed, the Cleveland Chief of Transportation and Desegregation during this era. In June, Lilia will be competing in Washington D.C. with students from all over the world.  Congratulations, Lilia! I wish you the very best.
     Finally, to the cast and crew of Bye Bye Birdie, congratulations on another successful Drama Club production. The actors and actresses did an outstanding job on stage; they displayed some amazing talent! The scenery was beautiful, and the technical support was outstanding! I am always awed by the talent our students have- operating full sound boards and lighting does not seem to bother them! Our students are empowered in so many ways when I think about it.  Congratulations to all these students: Michael D., Ruby K., Nora K., Shannon K., Maggie N., Quinn K., Mary T., Caprice H., Meredith C., Maggie S., Sean J., Thalia T., Clare J., Christian P., Cristian T., Evelyn C., Anna M., Libby E., Carolyn E., Sophia M., Jada W., Eliza G., Audrey M., Ella S., Aidan S., Brianna K., Mallory K., Andrew K., Maddie S., Madi H., Maura M., Mary Clare B., Ella O., Eliana M., Maggie B., Lizzie N., and Nora M., as well as their moderators, Miss Hardin, Miss Kaiser, and Mrs. Schmidt.

Mrs. Cocita